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    We have used a dog section from the start of Prowler Security. For detection of possible intruders and staff protection.

    Over the last 20 years we have had 6 dogs who have prevented staff attacks and had offenders who see a security patrol walking through a commercial property think twice before committing offences.

    Patch our first German Shepherd kept 4 offenders away from Barry when disturbed on a property, Police made 4 arrests.

    Sheebah bailed a burglar up at a sports store until police arrived, leading to 2 more arrests as the one we caught had the getaway car keys. 15 mins earlier the same offenders had broken into a pharmacy second week in a row at Bayfair.

    She also took a crow bar of a male who broke into a Bin Inn shop and as the male attacked Barry, she warned him off, ten mins later a police dog ended up biting the male who headbutted the police dog.


    Kahn was killed in Te Puke after disturbing an intruder at our home when we arrived back from a patrol.


    Thorn a Elk Hound did patrol work and protected the home when the other dogs had their turn, he showed no fear, was hit by a stray .22 bullet when some idiots were driving around discharging a riffle survived the injury.

    Duke scared off a male who was waving a rather large hunting Knife, preventing Barry from being stabbed.


     Our latest Boy STORM patrolling at 9 months and going strong.