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  • The following booklets are also available at the NZ Police website.


    This booklet has been designed for retailers, small business operators and their staff to assist them to identify opportunities to prevent crime, and to identify criminal activity and offenders. Losses from criminal offending can be prevented or minimized. This booklet provides information about how to protect your business and staff from crime and what to do if you are a victim.

    Keep this book handy as a ready reference. It provides crime prevention and safety advice as well as trespass and witness forms.

    Use this advice to make your business a safer place for you, your staff and your customers.






    7 ways to prevent retail crime through CPTED principles.

    Developed as part of a Ministry of Justice funded Community Safety Project focused on reducing the vulnerability of the largely migrant retail Burswood precinct to crime. These short video clips provide simple, practical, cost effective steps using international Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles.

    GETBA acknowledges the contribution of project partners NZ Police and the Asian Council on Reducing Crime (ACRC).

    A special thanks to the GETBA team for developing these prevention tips.





    Don’t support crime – report it!

    Reported crimes are collated by Police Intelligence and drive the allocation of resources and patrols. If you don’t report it the Police don’t know about it.

    Call 111 if it’s an emergency or there is an offender present

    Call 0800 555 111 for Crime Stoppers – give information without revealing your identity

    Stolen vehicles – you can check if a vehicle is stolen on the Police website by entering an individual registration number, or an individual VIN, chassis or engine number (useful for scrap metal dealers and auto dismantlers).

    Information needed when calling the Police

    •    Where the incident occurred
    •    What happened
    •    How long ago
    •    Description of the person and vehicle the offender(s) left in