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  • Security Alarm Services is based in Papamoa. We provide, install and service security alarm systems, CCTV and monitoring equipment for both business and home.










    Brands Like DSC lead the offensive in preventing intrusion and keeping families and staff safe.
    With over 30 years experience, Prowler Security has specialized in intruder strategy, completing wiring, installation and services for business security systems and protection. Over the years our areas of expertise has grown, allowing us to provide commercial businesses of all sizes with complete installation, setup and services.
    Our experts will review your needs and help you determine the best solution to address your business needs.
    Our customized commercial installation systems are designed for specific security, alarm needs and installed to meet individual business requirements. With an installation by Prowler Security, you can rely in quality installation and wiring services done right.
    How much does an alarm system cost?
    A reliable alarm system, installed by a certified company, can cost between $1200 – $2500. You can, however, spend much more for additional security features.
    Be warned cheap alarms may have hidden costs and traps, Free Alarm Install 3 year monitoring contract Fair Go has had several shows on this. To break a contract may cost you 3x the normal cost of an alarm.

    Also important notes re Broadband fitted to homes or businesses.
    Broadband uses the phone line, along with the phone and monitored alarm and there is a possibility of those three interfering with each other and impeding one or all of their performance.

    To avoid that happening homes with broadband and a monitored alarm or more than two jack-points and a monitored alarm need to have a telecom fitted splitter box. (NOT A PLUG IN FILTER)

    Refer to our Monitoring page for more details.

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